TD Tempaltes


For MDR/IVDR-conform TechDocs

Templates for your Technical Documentation

Creating the Technical Documentation for your medical device or IVD product can be a complicated and time-consuming affair. It doesn’t have to be: we offer you templates with guidance.  What’s more, we offer individualized templates. Overall, this AstraCon unique feature allows you to finalize your documents even quicker.

Templates with guidance

Profit from our up-to-date MDR/IVDR compliant templates. Visit our shop to buy one or more helpful Word or Excel templates. Guidance text will help prepare your documents step-by-step. This solution is particularly suitable for medical device or IVD manufacturers who would like to build up or deepen their own regulatory expertise in-house. Or for those who are only missing one or two documents. Templates are the most cost-effective way to obtain complete, compliant technical documentation in the shortest possible time.

Individualized templates with guidance

AstraCon offers a unique feature for technical documentation templates. Choose one, two or multiple templates from our shop. You will then receive a short list with information snippets. After you provided us with this information and your corporate identity, we will send you back your individualized templates in your corporate design! Your data is already in the correct locations. All you have to do now is fill in the remaining gaps.